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Offering an immersive and transformative experience that enables individuals to break free from their routine, step out of their comfort zones, and develop new skills. We drive professionals to push their limits, test their resilience, and experience a sense of adventure and personal growth.

At Exsilium, we are committed to establishing the highest standard in teaching theatrical firearms techniques for TV and film. Our distinguishing factor lies in our extensive military expertise, honed over three decades each at the forefront of global operations.

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highly experienced team

A Highly Experienced Team

What truly sets us apart from other training providers and consultants is our unmatched collective background in the military, positioning us as leaders in our field. Comprised of top-tier individuals who have ascended to the pinnacle of their careers within the UK’s premier infantry units and police forces, each instructor brings over three decades of invaluable experience— an achievement realised by less than 1% of the armed forces—ensuring the utmost proficiency and standards.

With extensive tenure in specialised roles, our team members have amassed combat experience from diverse theatres worldwide, remaining current and competent in military skill at arms standards and range qualifications.

Moreover, our team’s versatility extends beyond military prowess. They seamlessly transition between roles in front of and behind the camera, contributing as stunt performers in major blockbuster productions such as No Time to Die (2021), the exhilarating Fast & Furious series, and Masters of the Air (2024) to name a few.

Our experts’ direct involvement in big-screen spectacles enriches their guidance, facilitating a seamless fusion of cinematic vision with battle-tested expertise. The outcome is an unwavering commitment to authenticity, safety, and precision in every scene, ensuring our clients receive unparalleled training and confidence in their productions.

exsilium intensive courses

Our Intensive Courses

Join us for an intensive two-day course set amidst the beautiful landscapes of Dorset, surrounded by 44 acres of diverse woodland. Our program is packed with hands-on training and ample practice sessions to refine your newly acquired skills.

Each day starts at 8:00 AM and runs till 6:00 PM, ensuring a focused and productive learning experience. After the first day, you’ll feel accomplished with your enhanced skill set. For those choosing to stay overnight in our top-tier glamping pods provided by Freshairhotels, you’ll have the chance to connect with fellow participants.

Spend the evening sharing stories, enjoying a BBQ, taking a dip in the hot Jacuzzi, or marvelling at the night sky, unaffected by light pollution. It’s more than a course—it’s an experience you won’t forget.

Engaging in these courses will equip you with essential skills pivotal for personal and professional growth. Your consistent dedication and ongoing learning will transform your expertise into a highly sought-after asset in the action-packed worlds of TV and film.

Track Your Progress, Improve Your Skills

At Exsilium, each individual’s progress will be meticulously tracked, resulting in a personalised report exclusively designed for reference and recommendations. Your commitment to mastering these skills could thrust you into the spotlight as instructors acknowledge your outstanding performances and actively endorse you to agencies and fellow professionals in the stunt world.

Countless weapon performers have enjoyed persistent demand, continually securing roles due to their exceptional performances, positioning themselves as go-to experts for a diverse range of action-oriented characters. Join us on this transformative journey and unearth a career where your skills are not just valued but held in high esteem, unveiling thrilling opportunities within the entertainment industry.