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the gold standard in theatrical firearms training for Film and TV!

Our FaST courses, exclusive to BSR members and trainees, are where the magic happens. These courses develop skilled and adaptable performers who can perform under pressure, bringing action scenes to life with expert precision.

Exsilium sets the gold standard required in firearms safety and tactics. Our instructors, seasoned in military and conflict environments, impart an unparalleled level of finesse and credibility. Our guidance forms an essential foundation for professionals seeking the expertise necessary in the field of wielding firearms.

Together, the British Stunt Register and Exsilium form a highly professional partnership, helping to take professional performers to the peak of their craft. This exclusive training, only for our BSR members, sets the bar high in the entertainment industry. Start your journey today and master your craft.

exsillium bsr fast course
exsilium bsr fast courses

FaST Level 1

The BSR Firearms and Safety Tactics (FaST) Level 1 course aims to fortify firearms safety protocols, educate participants on all the industry standard weapons, and enhance their adeptness in handling these arms across diverse settings.

Students systematically hone their foundational skills while understanding various on-camera characters. Comprehensive training sessions include personalised guidance for precise adjustments in stance, body language, and movement.

The FaST L1 course culminates in a simulated hostage rescue; this level challenges participants to apply their knowledge in a dynamic scenario, pushing their boundaries and highlighting the all-encompassing nature of tactical expertise far beyond what people expect in short-term courses.

fast level

FaST Level 2

In the FaST Level 2 course, we begin by revisiting essential firearms safety practices to set the groundwork. From there, the focus shifts to the world of plainclothes roles commonly encountered on set, such as bodyguards, close protection, secret service, or VIP dignitary protection.

This course extends beyond firearm handling, emphasising the crucial importance of understanding and embodying these roles, where non-verbal cues like body language, facial expressions, and demeanour often convey a deeper narrative than the mere act of wielding a weapon.

Building on this foundation, the second part of the course delves deeper into practical applications. Day two introduces team drills, covers basic room entry and door drills, and progresses to working in and around vehicles while handling firearms. The culmination is a dynamic ‘gun run’ involving live shooting scenarios from vehicles using pistols, assault rifles, and shotguns.

BSR FaST courses


This one-day course offers a refresher for individuals looking to fine-tune skills acquired from FaST Levels 1 and 2. It begins with a review session, refreshing participants’ memories of previously covered material. The day progresses with comprehensive reminders of all previously taught concepts, culminating in a friendly combat shooting competition.

Best BSR FaST courses


The one-day CQB course immerses you in small team tactics within urban environments. After starting with a thorough weapons safety review, the day progresses into target approach, formation stacking, communication protocols, hand signals, entry point procedures, manual entry techniques, and crossing the threshold.

We then move on to practising the fundamentals of room entry strategies and room combat techniques before finishing with dynamic force-on-force scenarios. This course will give you an introduction to CQB but is designed to make you understand how to look the part on screen. This advanced skill takes weeks to understand, and months to master, all made possible through our experts.

sniper day


Get ready for an exclusive sneak peek into sniper shooting within the UK! It is led by our lead sniper, who has held the role for the longest duration within UKSF. This extraordinary opportunity guarantees best-in-class expertise in all aspects. Experience shooting full-bore sniper rifles at extended ranges in a controlled, authorised environment. Participation is exclusive to graduates of FaST Levels 1 and 2 and the CQB day.

miltary abseil and fast roping day

Military Abseil and Fast Roping Day

The Royal Marine Mountain leader instructors (RM ML1s) are the UK military’s leading authorities in land and helicopter fast rope and abseiling; they will deliver this training course alongside Exsilium (Ex RM ML1), who will implement on-set camera constraints for performers to incorporate into their performance.

The course kicks off with a controlled dead hang assessment to gauge participants’ preparedness. It progresses from low-height training to mastering techniques up to 60 feet while carrying combat equipment. Participants engage in reenacting various scenarios from movies and TV sets, mastering vertical descents, skylights, cliff faces, and windows, employing various descenders.

The training focuses on weapon placement, shooting while on the move, braking with the opposite hand, and achieving precise stops on a mark within a designated camera frame.

live fire shooting package

Live Fire Shooting Package (abroad)

Exsilium has collaborated with a European shooting facility to present an exclusive live shooting package designed to integrate the extensive training acquired through the FaST courses and CQB. This package includes flights, accommodation, access to their arsenal of weapons, and use of the shooting range.

While there’s a predetermined allocation of ammunition provided, participants can supplement it as needed. The training will align with the previously covered material. To join, participants must have completed the FaST courses within a 2-year timeframe and undergo a refresher course within two months before the program.

Track Your Progress, Improve Your Skills

At Exsilium, each individual’s progress will be meticulously tracked, resulting in a personalised report exclusively designed for reference and recommendations. Your commitment to mastering these skills could thrust you into the spotlight as instructors acknowledge your outstanding performances and actively endorse you to agencies and fellow professionals in the stunt world.

Countless weapon performers have enjoyed persistent demand, continually securing roles due to their exceptional performances, positioning themselves as go-to experts for a diverse range of action-oriented characters. Join us on this transformative journey and unearth a career where your skills are not just valued but held in high esteem, unveiling thrilling opportunities within the entertainment industry.