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Level 1
Fundamentals of Theatrical Firearms Safety and Character Comprehension

This course is your gateway to mastering safe and confident firearm use on set while understanding the nuanced roles and responsibilities associated with firearms in the entertainment industry.

Our course is tailored for those taking on background or action extra roles, such as police officers, government officials, military personnel, special forces, close protection agents, or mercenaries; our approach is tailored to ALL your needs.

Join us on this immersive course, where we teach all the fundamentals needed to support you in becoming a credible and confident firearms operator. Through this course, you’ll distinguish yourself from peers and create more opportunities to perform with weapons on set!

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Level 1
Course Content

  • Detailed explanations of common types of weapons, functions and safety
  • An exhaustive guide to identifying different types of munitions
  • General weapon safety
  • Importance of firearm safety in all environments
  • Understanding the relationship with the armourer and set etiquette
  • Detailed accounts of previous accidents using firearms
  • Firearms handling, placement, and storage
  • Conducting load and unload drills
  • Perfecting posture and stance with weapons
  • Special awareness and flagging drills
  • Refining individual body movement
  • Range practices are dry, blank, and then live fire

Scenario training – Two-man break contact, fire team break contact, Individual scenarios

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Level 2
Theatrical Firearms Mastery: Elevating Safety, Performance Accuracy and Dynamic Movement

Welcome to ‘Theatrical Firearms Mastery: Mastering Your Craft’! With your foundation in firearm safety secured, this course is your route to further improvement. This course will help you to further enhance your understanding of and skill in using firearms through regimented practice routines. You’ll be able to wield firearms with an unparalleled level of authenticity as we set the standard for excellence within the entertainment industry.

Level 2
Course Content

  • Introduction to long-barrelled rifles, including shotguns
  • Firearms safety and practice
  • Remind revise practice
  • Weapon manipulation drills
  • Walking and running with weapons
  • Shooting positions rural and urban applications
  • Exsilium practical live shotgun and AR shooting stances

CQB + Live fire courses
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Training Academy

Track Your Progress, Improve Your Skills

At Exsilium, each individual’s progress will be meticulously tracked, resulting in a personalised report exclusively designed for reference and recommendations. Your commitment to mastering these skills could thrust you into the spotlight as instructors acknowledge your outstanding performances and actively endorse you to agencies and fellow professionals in the stunt world.

Countless weapon performers have enjoyed persistent demand, continually securing roles due to their exceptional performances, positioning themselves as go-to experts for a diverse range of action-oriented characters. Join us on this transformative journey and unearth a career where your skills are not just valued but held in high esteem, unveiling thrilling opportunities within the entertainment industry.