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Welcome to Exsilium, where we raise the standard in firearms safety and training, specifically tailored for the TV and movie industry. With our unmatched expertise in firearm tactics and safety, we ensure that every supporting artist and stunt registrar not only performs convincingly but also securely.

Our team of seasoned military advisors brings real-world experience to the set, elevating your production’s authenticity and safety. Whether you’re looking to refine your skills or learn the fundamentals of theatrical firearms safety, we’re here to guide you. Reach out to us at +44 7454 264 114 to discover how we can enhance your project’s safety and credibility.

The Best Option for Firearm Safety Courses for TV and Movies

Firearm safety is a critical consideration, particularly in sectors where handling guns is a routine part of the job. Whether it’s on a film set or during a corporate training event, the importance of rigorous safety protocols cannot be overstated. At Exsilium, we elevate this to an art form, ensuring that every interaction with firearms prioritises absolute safety without compromising the authenticity or intensity of the experience.

Curious about how we integrate real-world tactics into our safety and firearms courses? Or perhaps you’re intrigued by the bespoke nature of our corporate experiences? As you continue reading, you’ll discover the extensive measures we take to tailor our training solutions to your specific needs.

Dive deeper with us and learn how our expertise in firearms safety can be seamlessly woven into your next project, enhancing both security and overall production quality.

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Introducing Our Shooting Safety Courses

Our team meets diverse industry demands, offering a selection of courses tailored to various needs. Each course is designed to impart essential knowledge and understanding across multiple areas. Additionally, we provide on-set advisory services to enhance realism and elevate production quality.

Continue reading as we explore the specifics of these courses, outlining their content and intended audiences.

Fundamentals of Theatrical Firearms Safety

Welcome to Level 1 of our training programme: Fundamentals of Theatrical Firearms Safety and Character Comprehension. This foundational course is designed to equip you with the skills and confidence necessary for handling firearms safely on set, while fully understanding the significant roles and responsibilities that accompany firearm use in the entertainment industry.

Tailored specifically for those stepping into roles such as police officers, government agents, military personnel, and more, this course addresses all aspects of firearm safety, from basic handling and storage to complex drills and scenario training.

You’ll learn about different types of weapons, such as shotguns and rifles, their functions, and the crucial practices of loading and unloading, all underpinned by strict safety protocols. Additionally, our training enhances your understanding of set etiquette and the vital relationship with the armourer.

As you progress, our Level 2 course, Theatrical Firearms Mastery: Elevating Safety, Performance Accuracy, and Dynamic Movement, builds on this foundation. Here, you’ll delve deeper into advanced techniques, including the use of long-barrelled rifles and dynamic shooting stances, preparing you for more complex and realistic performances.

This next stage is all about mastering your craft with an emphasis on safety and authenticity, setting new standards in the industry.

Military Advisors for TV and Movies

We specialise in providing military advisory services to TV and film productions, helping directors create authentic military scenes and performances. Our approach is collaborative and humble, acknowledging our role as trusted consultants.

With a deep well of knowledge gained from involvement in various conflicts across Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, and North Africa over the last forty years, we bring unparalleled expertise to each project.

Our consultants have worked alongside elite foreign military units and conducted training worldwide, ensuring that our advice and training programs are not only relevant but also of the highest standard.

By choosing Exsilium, productions benefit from credible, efficient training for actors, guaranteeing that every military portrayal on screen is executed with the utmost authenticity and precision, significantly boosting the production’s overall impact and success.

Firearm Safety and Tactics

Exsilium sets an unparalleled standard in theatrical firearms training, essential for anyone in the entertainment industry aiming to enhance their on-screen realism and safety.

Our bespoke FaST (Firearms and Safety Tactics) courses, crafted exclusively for members of the British Stunt Register (BSR), not only develop proficient performers but also adapt them to the high-pressure environment of film and TV production.

Our seasoned instructors, with backgrounds in military and conflict environments, impart a profound level of expertise and realism. These courses go beyond routine training; they forge a foundation of knowledge and finesse, crucial for handling firearms accurately and safely in high-stakes settings.

Join Exsilium and the BSR in a partnership that escalates professional performance to the peak of its potential. Embrace this exclusive opportunity to excel and set new industry standards. Here’s what we offer:

  • FaST Level 1: Begin with intensive safety protocols and advance through handling a wide array of industry-standard weapons, culminating in a simulated hostage rescue scenario.
  • FaST Level 2: Focuses on embodying plainclothes roles such as bodyguards or secret service agents, including advanced team drills and live shooting exercises from vehicles.
  • Refresher Days: A one-day course designed to refresh and reinforce previously learned skills through a series of drills and a friendly shooting competition.
  • CQB (Close Quarters Battle) Day: Dive into urban tactics with small team strategies, from room entry to force-on-force engagements, tailored to enhance your screen presence.
  • Sniper Day: An exclusive session focusing on precision long-range shooting, led by our most experienced sniper.
  • Military Abseil and Fast Roping Day: Learn advanced vertical descent techniques with our Royal Marine instructors, integrating camera work into your performance.
  • Live Fire Shooting Package (Abroad): Travel for an intensive shooting experience, applying all you’ve learned in a controlled European facility.

Leidang Corporate Experiences

Embark on a transformative military corporate day designed to redefine the boundaries of leadership and teamwork. Guided by our expert instructors, each with extensive military and combat backgrounds, your team will engage in a series of challenges that enhance leadership skills, promote teamwork, and provide strategies for managing stress and pressure.

This controlled environment offers a blend of adrenaline-pumping activities and strategic exercises, ensuring a balance between professional development and exhilarating fun. From tactical simulations to critical decision-making scenarios, our tailored program promises an unforgettable experience that aligns perfectly with your team’s specific goals and objectives.

Tailored Training Solutions

Our instructors represent the zenith of their profession, having orchestrated and conducted military and security training on a global scale. Their unwavering dedication to realism and rigour prepares operators for deployment in conflict zones, ensuring they meet the highest standards of readiness and effectiveness.

This meticulous preparation sets the groundwork for success in the most demanding situations.

The journey of our instructors from novices to seasoned experts who have engaged in combat operations worldwide has moulded them into subject matter experts across various disciplines. Their continuous development and experience enrich our training offerings, providing an unparalleled depth of knowledge.

Whatever your requirements, reach out to us at Exsilium. Our team is ready to guide and assist you in achieving your objectives with expert precision.

Why Come to Us for Courses Covering Proficiency with Firearms?

We offer an immersive experience that challenges individuals to step beyond their comfort zones, fostering personal and professional growth through adventure and resilience-building activities. Our focus is on delivering the highest standards in theatrical firearms training for TV and film, backed by our team’s profound military expertise, accumulated over decades at the forefront of global operations.

Comprising elite professionals from the UK’s premier infantry and police units, each instructor not only brings over thirty years of specialised knowledge but also a rare level of proficiency achieved by fewer than 1% in the armed forces. Their extensive combat experience in various global theatres ensures that our training remains relevant and rigorous.

Beyond their military credentials, our instructors have also made significant contributions to major films, serving as stunt performers and advisors, which enables them to blend authentic cinematic techniques with real-world tactical expertise.

This unique combination ensures that every training session not only meets but exceeds the rigorous demands of film production, providing our clients with the confidence to perform safely and effectively under pressure.


Explore our testimonials to discover why leading film and TV professionals trust Exsilium for their firearm safety needs. Our clients’ experiences highlight our commitment to excellence and the tangible impact of our tailored training solutions. Read their stories and learn how we can support your project.

Highly recommend this course from the safety etiquette on set and understanding why and how to handle Firearms in a combat situation. All instructors did an amazing job and every person attending got plenty of time with each instructor. A no brainier for firearms safety and performance in front of camera.

Paul Ginns BSR Stunt performer

Great course, so intensive we covered so much more than I expected. Incredibly valuable and thorough. A really fun couple of days which left me feeling so much more confident with weapon handling, style and above all being safe. Great training and can’t wait for the next level.

Sarah_ohal BSR Stunt performer

A great course, expert instruction from those who have worked within the industry and real world combat environments giving a great balance for real and theatrical purposes. Thoroughly enjoyed the content, the venue is fantastic & the instructors are brilliant. Looking forward to doing more.

Camilla Wimbledon BSR Trainee

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For specialised assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at +44 7454 264 114 or via email at Alternatively, you can use our convenient contact form to get in touch. Let us help you raise the standard of firearms safety in your next production. Your safety is our priority.

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