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At Exsilium, we’re passionate about elevating the art of storytelling through unparalleled firearms training, specifically tailored for the TV and movie industry. Our expertise isn’t just in the mechanics of firearms; it’s in weaving the authenticity and safety of firearms use into the fabric of cinematic narratives.

With bespoke tailored training solutions and a deep commitment to raising the standard in theatrical firearms safety, we ensure that every supporting artist and stunt registrar we train is not just competent, but confident and safe on set. Interested in transforming your on-screen firearms handling? Let’s chat on  and e+44 7454 264 114mbark on this journey together.

The Best Choice for Unmatched Firearms Training for TV and Movies

In the realm of TV and movies, where the line between illusion and reality is skilfully blurred, the art of arms training takes centre stage. It’s not just about the spectacle of action sequences; it’s about the meticulous craft behind them, ensuring safety and authenticity with every shot fired.

At Exsilium, we’re not just trainers; we’re the backstage maestros making those heart-pounding moments possible. Curious about how we tailor our courses to suit the diverse needs of the entertainment industry? Or perhaps you’re intrigued by our bespoke corporate experiences that elevate team dynamics through the lens of tactical training?

And why, amidst a sea of options, should Exsilium be your go-to for firearms expertise? These are conversations we relish, and we’re here to delve into them, ensuring your project not only captivates but also maintains the highest standards of safety and authenticity. Ready to explore further? Let’s ignite this dialogue.

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Introducing Our Firearms Courses

Our team caters to a wide range of industry requirements, with various firearms course options available to suit all needs. These courses cover multiple areas, ensuring participants come away with the correct understanding and knowledge. Plus, we can also act as advisors on set, ensuring complete realism for a superior production.

Keep reading below as we delve into each of these courses, briefly explaining what they cover and who they’re targeted at.

Fundamentals of Theatrical Firearms Safety

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Exsilium’s Level 1 ‘Fundamentals of Theatrical Firearms Safety and Character Comprehension’. Tailored specifically for those stepping into the limelight as background or action extras – be it as law enforcement, military, or mercenary roles – this training course is your gateway to mastering firearm safety and operation with absolute confidence on set.

Delve into comprehensive modules covering weapon training types, munitions, safety protocols, and the critical dynamics of set etiquette and armourer collaboration.

Progressing to Level 2, ‘Theatrical Firearms Mastery’ elevates your expertise, focusing on safety, performance accuracy, and dynamic movement with firearms. Here, you’ll refine your skills with long-barrelled rifles and engage in advanced drills that enhance your authenticity and fluency in weapon handling, both in rural and urban settings.

At Exsilium, we’re committed to tracking your journey, offering personalised feedback that highlights your strengths and areas for improvement. This unique approach not only polishes your skills but positions you as a sought-after expert in the industry, opening doors to a realm where your talents are in constant demand.

Discover Our Leidang Corporate Experiences

Looking for something different? Embark on an unparalleled journey with Exsilium’s transformative military, corporate day. This isn’t just an event; it’s an opportunity to immerse your team in a world where leadership tasks, combat analysis, and hands-on experiences pave the way for growth and unity.

Guided by our expert instructors, each with a rich background in military service and real-world combat, your team will be thrust into challenges that not only test but also build their resilience, teamwork, and leadership prowess.

In this controlled yet exhilarating environment, your team will learn to navigate stress and pressure, emerging stronger and more cohesive. Our adrenaline-infused activities, from tactical simulations to strategic exercises, are designed to not just entertain but also instill valuable professional skills.

We’re committed to providing a day that’s as educational as it is unforgettable, tailored precisely to meet your team’s specific aspirations and objectives. Reach out to us to craft a bespoke military bootcamp, a corporate day that promises to transform and inspire.

Firearms Safety and Tactics for British Stunt Registrars

Next up is a course designed to complement the British Stunt Register (BSR) – the epitome of stunt training excellence within the UK’s television and film landscape. Here at Exsilium, we’re proud to set the benchmark in firearms safety and tactical prowess, crucial for the demanding world of entertainment.

Our FaST courses, exclusive to BSR members, are the crucible where talent is forged into precision and adaptability, essential for bringing electrifying action scenes to life.

Our seasoned instructors, with their rich backgrounds in military and conflict zones, are dedicated to imparting a deep level of skill and authenticity. This unique blend of expertise lays the groundwork for those venturing into the demanding arena of on-screen firearms handling.

Together, BSR and Exsilium offer a symbiotic partnership, propelling professional performers to master their craft at unparalleled levels. Our FaST Level 1 course is a deep dive into the fundamentals of firearms safety, offering comprehensive training that extends to real-world applications, such as a simulated hostage rescue scenario, challenging participants to apply their knowledge under dynamic conditions.

Advancing to FaST Level 2, the curriculum expands into nuanced portrayals required for plainclothes roles, with an emphasis on the subtleties of non-verbal communication and the importance of embodying the character beyond just firearms handling. The course culminates in practical team-based drills, pushing the boundaries of what is expected from short-term training programs.

For those seeking to refine their skills, our Refresher Days and specialised courses like CQB and Sniper Day offer avenues for continuous improvement and specialisation, each tailored to enhance your on-screen presence and technical proficiency in specific scenarios.

Why Choose Exsilium for Comprehensive Weapons Training?

Dive into the heart of action with Exsilium, where we redefine the essence of firearms training for TV and film. Our immersive courses, set against Dorset’s picturesque backdrop, are crafted to thrust you beyond the ordinary, challenging your limits and fostering unparalleled personal and professional growth.

Anchored by a team of military veterans, each with over three decades of front-line experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge rarely matched in the industry. Their roles in blockbuster hits like “No Time to Die” and the “Fast & Furious” series underscore our commitment to merging authentic, battle-tested expertise with cinematic excellence.

Join our intensive, two-day escapade in Dorset, and transform your abilities amidst nature’s serenity, complemented by evenings of camaraderie and relaxation under the stars.


Discover why leading names in TV and movies trust Exsilium for unparalleled firearms training. Visit our testimonials, where industry professionals share their experiences of our transformative sessions. Delve into their stories to see the Exsilium difference for yourself.

Highly recommend this course from the safety etiquette on set and understanding why and how to handle Firearms in a combat situation. All instructors did an amazing job and every person attending got plenty of time with each instructor. A no brainier for firearms safety and performance in front of camera.

Paul Ginns BSR Stunt performer

Great course, so intensive we covered so much more than I expected. Incredibly valuable and thorough. A really fun couple of days which left me feeling so much more confident with weapon handling, style and above all being safe. Great training and can’t wait for the next level.

Sarah_ohal BSR Stunt performer

A great course, expert instruction from those who have worked within the industry and real world combat environments giving a great balance for real and theatrical purposes. Thoroughly enjoyed the content, the venue is fantastic & the instructors are brilliant. Looking forward to doing more.

Camilla Wimbledon BSR Trainee

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