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Have you ever wondered how to handle a firearm safely and confidently? Exsilium offers comprehensive gun training courses to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge for responsible gun ownership.

Our expert instructors, with extensive military experience, provide hands-on training that covers everything from basic safety principles to advanced shooting techniques. Whether you’re a new gun owner or looking to refine your skills, Exsilium’s training courses are tailored to meet your needs.

Ready to become proficient and safe with your firearm? Please keep reading to learn more about how our courses can benefit you.

When seeking a gun training course, we prioritise safety and proficiency in firearm handling. Proper training is essential for mastering skills. Our courses cover target shooting, tactical techniques, and more. Dry drills build muscle memory and enhance situational awareness.

Experienced military experts focus on safety protocols and teamwork. The curriculum includes firearm safety, types, and maintenance. Following safety rules and understanding firearm mechanics are essential. Our website offers resources and clear communication.

Skill enhancement programs with professional guidance are available for everyone. Explore further for more information on what makes us unique.

Importance of Proper Training for Safety and Proficiency

Proper training is essential to ensure safety and proficiency in handling firearms effectively. Gun training courses provide individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle firearms responsibly. These training programs cover a wide range of topics, including gun target shooting, tactical handgun techniques, concealed carry practices, and the use of semi-automatic rifles.

In a comprehensive training course, participants engage in dry drills to practice shooting positions and develop muscle memory for quick and accurate responses. Rifle training is a crucial component of these programs, focusing on marksmanship and precision. Tactical training teaches individuals to navigate different scenarios effectively, emphasising situational awareness and decision-making under pressure.

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Key Aspects of The Course

One key aspect of these courses is the guidance provided by experienced firearms instructors. In the UK, firearms training follows strict regulations to ensure safe and effective learning environments. Participants learn to shoot rifles with precision and handle firearms with confidence.

Proper training in firearm handling is crucial for ensuring both safety and proficiency. Here’s why:

1. Safety

  • Accident Prevention: Proper training teaches individuals how to handle firearms safely, significantly reducing the risk of accidental discharges and injuries.
  • Awareness of Risks: Training programs emphasise the potential dangers of mishandling firearms, making participants more aware of the consequences of unsafe practices.
  • Safe Storage: Proper training includes guidance on secure storage methods, preventing unauthorised access and reducing the likelihood of accidents in the home.

2. Proficiency

  • Skill Development: Training helps individuals develop essential skills such as accurate shooting, proper stance, grip, and trigger control, improving overall performance.
  • Confidence Building: As individuals become more proficient through training, their confidence in handling firearms increases, leading to better decision-making in high-pressure situations.
  • Advanced Techniques: For those looking to advance their skills, training provides instruction on more complex techniques, enhancing their capability to handle various scenarios effectively.

3. Legal and Ethical Knowledge

  • Understanding Regulations: Training includes education on local laws and regulations regarding firearm ownership and use, ensuring compliance and responsible behaviour.
  • Ethical Responsibility: Proper training instils a sense of moral responsibility, teaching individuals when and how to use firearms appropriately and legally.

Course Objectives

To excel in our gun training course at Exsilium, participants focus on mastering theatrical firearms techniques under the guidance of experienced military experts with decades of global operations experience.

Our primary objective is to instil in each participant a deep understanding of firearm safety protocols, ensuring they can handle firearms confidently and responsibly in any situation. Additionally, we aim to enhance participants’ proficiency in executing a wide range of theatrical firearm manoeuvres, from basic handling to advanced tactical scenarios.

Another key objective of the course is to cultivate participants’ ability to work effectively as part of a team during simulated combat situations. By emphasising communication, coordination, and mutual support, we aim to develop participants’ teamwork skills and enhance their performance in dynamic environments.

Moreover, we strive to boost participants’ confidence in their capabilities, enabling them to approach challenging scenarios with a positive mindset and vital self-assurance.

Furthermore, the course objectives include providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of the legal and ethical considerations surrounding the use of firearms in the entertainment industry. By addressing key regulations and industry standards, we ensure participants are well-informed and equipped to navigate the complexities of working with weapons professionally.

Course Curriculum

Let’s now focus on the specific points that our gun training course curriculum covers:

  • Basic Firearm Safety
  • Types of Firearms
  • Prolonging the Lifespan of Appliances

These key areas are crucial for equipping our students with the knowledge and skills to work safely and effectively handle firearms. By mastering these points, participants can enhance their understanding and expertise in firearms training.

Basic Firearm Safety

As we explore basic firearm safety, we must first emphasise the fundamental safety rules that govern responsible gun handling. Our focus will also include the importance of safe practices for handling and storing firearms securely. These key points lay the groundwork for a comprehensive understanding of firearm safety that’s essential for all participants.

Fundamental Safety Rules

Immersing ourselves in the world of firearm safety, we prioritise instilling the fundamental rules that form the backbone of our Basic Firearm Safety training course at Exsilium.

Treat every firearm as loaded, keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, and be sure of your target and what’s beyond it. Finger discipline and knowing your target are paramount in our training.

Safe Handling and Storage Practices

Our Basic Firearm Safety training course at Exsilium consistently emphasises the importance of safe handling and storage practices for firearms. Proper storage in locked containers or safes ensures unauthorised access is prevented. To prevent accidents, we instil in our students the critical habits of handling firearms carefully, always pointing them in a safe direction, and keeping fingers off the trigger until ready to shoot.

Types of Firearms

When learning about types of firearms, understanding basic mechanics and operations is essential. We aim to equip our students with the knowledge to handle firearms safely and effectively. In our upcoming sessions, we will explore the characteristics and functions of different types of weapons.

Basic Mechanics and Operation

Through our specialised gun training course, individuals will gain a comprehensive understanding of the different types of firearms and their mechanics and operation. Participants will learn about the essential components of firearms, how they function, and proper handling techniques.

Our hands-on approach ensures practical knowledge and safe practices, emphasising the importance of firearm maintenance and operation for a successful shooting experience.

Prolonging the Lifespan of Appliances

With an emphasis on practical maintenance techniques and expert guidance, our gun training course delves into the art of prolonging appliances’ lifespans.

We understand the importance of proper care and maintenance to ensure your firearms’ longevity and optimal performance. From cleaning and lubricating key components to storing them in controlled environments, our course covers essential practices that can significantly extend the lifespan of your equipment.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our unique approach in our gun training courses at Exsilium stems from our unparalleled military expertise, setting us apart as leaders in teaching theatrical firearms techniques for TV and film. What truly sets us apart is our instructors’ extensive experience, each with over thirty years at the forefront of global operations. This wealth of knowledge allows us to offer an unrivalled training level in the industry.

Additionally, our focus on realism and attention to detail is a cornerstone of our teaching philosophy. We understand the importance of authenticity in the entertainment industry, and our methods reflect this commitment. By immersing our students in realistic scenarios and providing hands-on experience with a wide range of firearms, we ensure they’re fully prepared for the demands of working in TV and film.

Moreover, our dedication to continuous improvement and staying up to date with the latest techniques and technology guarantees that our training remains cutting-edge. We constantly evolve our curriculum to meet the industry’s changing needs and provide our students with the most relevant and practical skills.

At Exsilium, we aren’t just teaching a course; we’re shaping the future of theatrical firearms training. Our unique blend of military expertise, commitment to realism, and dedication to innovation make us the premier choice for professionals looking to hone their skills in this competitive field.

Highly recommend this course from the safety etiquette on set and understanding why and how to handle Firearms in a combat situation. All instructors did an amazing job and every person attending got plenty of time with each instructor. A no brainier for firearms safety and performance in front of camera.

Paul Ginns BSR Stunt performer

Great course, so intensive we covered so much more than I expected. Incredibly valuable and thorough. A really fun couple of days which left me feeling so much more confident with weapon handling, style and above all being safe. Great training and can’t wait for the next level.

Sarah_ohal BSR Stunt performer

A great course, expert instruction from those who have worked within the industry and real world combat environments giving a great balance for real and theatrical purposes. Thoroughly enjoyed the content, the venue is fantastic & the instructors are brilliant. Looking forward to doing more.

Camilla Wimbledon BSR Trainee

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