Military Advisors

At Exsilium, we provide military advisory services to TV and film productions, aiding directors in crafting authentic portrayals of military actions and performances on screen.

Military Advisors

Our Approach

Our approach is rooted in collaboration and devoid of ego, as we recognise our role as trusted advisors and consultants to productions. Drawing from our extensive expertise, we offer guidance in various theatres of conflict spanning Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, and North Africa over the past four decades.

Our consultants bring a wealth of experience, having collaborated with foreign Tier 1 groups and providing training globally. This rich background positions Exsilium as a premier choice for boot camps and training programs aimed at achieving a credible performance efficiently. We are committed to ensuring that every production we engage with receives the highest level of authenticity and precision in their military portrayals, thus enhancing the overall impact and success of the production.