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At Exsilium, we redefine the essence of military bootcamps, crafting bespoke experiences that cater exclusively to the dynamic world of TV and movies. Our forte lies in blending the rigour of military discipline with the creative demands of the silver screen, ensuring each trainee emerges well-versed in the art of cinematic realism.

Whether you’re aiming to elevate a high-octane action sequence or seeking authenticity in portrayal, our tailored training solutions stand unmatched. Guided by experts in firearms safety and tactics, we promise an experience that transcends conventional boundaries. Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Reach out to us on +44 7454 264 114.

The Best Option for Those Seeking Military Bootcamps

Stepping into the world of military bootcamps for TV and movies unveils a realm where the thrill of action meets the precision of authentic training—wondering how our elite military advisors can elevate your production? Or why does Exsilium stand out as the premier choice? Stay tuned, and let’s explore these riveting insights together.

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Why Choose Courses Provided by Exsilium?

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Exsilium, where the realms of firearms training for TV and film are reimagined amidst the tranquil beauty of Dorset. Our intensive two-day courses are designed to push boundaries and cultivate growth, both personally and professionally.

Led by seasoned military veterans, whose expertise has illuminated films like “No Time to Die” and the “Fast & Furious” series, we guarantee an education grounded in authenticity and cinematic flair. Join us, and let the serene Dorset landscape inspire your transformation, as evenings under the stars foster connections and unwind the day’s rigour.

Military Advisors for TV and Movies

When it comes to military bootcamps, ours transcend the ordinary, offering an unparalleled advisory service to TV and film productions striving for authentic military portrayals. Our unique blend of expertise and collaboration ensures that directors can vividly recreate military actions and performances, enhancing the realism of their narratives.

Our approach is deeply collaborative, recognising our role as trusted consultants, devoid of ego, committed to bringing genuine military experiences to the screen.

Our Approach Includes:

  • Collaborative Consulting: Working hand-in-hand with production teams to seamlessly integrate military authenticity.
  • Global Experience: Drawing on conflicts from Northern Ireland to North Africa, our consultants offer diverse insights.
  • Elite Training: Partnering with foreign Tier 1 groups, providing a global perspective on military tactics and strategies.
  • Comprehensive Programmes: From army fitness bootcamps to weapon maintenance, our firearms courses cover all facets of military portrayal.
  • Expert Instructors: Our team comprises veterans with firsthand experience in various theatres of conflict, ensuring credibility and depth in training.

Choose Exsilium for an authentic, impactful military representation that resonates with audiences, backed by decades of real-world experience.


Dive into a world of acclaim on our testimonials page, where reviews from industry professionals and enthusiasts alike illuminate the Exsilium difference. Their shared experiences spotlight the transformative impact of our training, offering you a glimpse into the excellence we’re committed to delivering. Join the ranks of our satisfied clientele.

Highly recommend this course from the safety etiquette on set and understanding why and how to handle Firearms in a combat situation. All instructors did an amazing job and every person attending got plenty of time with each instructor. A no brainier for firearms safety and performance in front of camera.

Paul Ginns BSR Stunt performer

Great course, so intensive we covered so much more than I expected. Incredibly valuable and thorough. A really fun couple of days which left me feeling so much more confident with weapon handling, style and above all being safe. Great training and can’t wait for the next level.

Sarah_ohal BSR Stunt performer

A great course, expert instruction from those who have worked within the industry and real world combat environments giving a great balance for real and theatrical purposes. Thoroughly enjoyed the content, the venue is fantastic & the instructors are brilliant. Looking forward to doing more.

Camilla Wimbledon BSR Trainee

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Embark on a transformative journey with Exsilium, where unparalleled training awaits you. Should you wish to delve deeper into our unique offerings or have specific queries, we are but a call away on +44 7454 264 114.

For a more detailed discussion or to share your visionary projects and training needs, feel free to reach out via email at Our dedicated contact form also provides a seamless way for you to connect with us, ensuring your questions never go unanswered. At Exsilium, every communication is a step towards realising your potential. Let’s shape your future, together.

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