BSR FaST Level 1 Tim Saunders BSR Stunt Performer

Thorough with good information breakdown and theory throughout. Vast array of weapons. In-depth critique on body posture, movement, handling techniques, positioning and ‘acting the part’. Very much geared towards what a Stunt performer would need on set, with constant safety awareness as the backbone. Use of BB’s rather than blanks is a very good way to first keep the costs down but also to practice over and over again, in a safe way, to create muscle memory and critique our movement and image. Great use of photos and very useful that all captured photos and videos are shared with the participants. Very good momentum and use of time. Exsilium clearly knew what was needed for being in front of camera.

Camilla Wimbledon BSR Trainee

A great course, expert instruction from those who have worked within the industry and real world combat environments giving a great balance for real and theatrical purposes. Thoroughly enjoyed the content, the venue is fantastic & the instructors are brilliant. Looking forward to doing more.

Sam_Chan Stunt trainee

I came in with be experience, super scared to even handle a gun but you guys made me feel welcomed, super safe with no pressure or expectations and made it a really fun and knowledgeable couple of days, thank you.

Stuntmansi BSR Stunt performer

Great couple of days on this course being taught from some highly knowledgable guys. Had great fun and learnt heaps of stuff. Looking forward to the next level, oh and the venue is the icing on the cake!!

Amber_smith_stunts BSR Stunt trainee

Such a great course! I have done several different weapon handling courses. 100% the best firearms course out there. This is by far the most I have learnt and enjoyed any course. It’s ran by amazing people who could answer any question or queries immediately. It is not just about ‘pulling the trigger’ but how to safely handle weapons around other performers and to actually look good on screen with them. Fantastic course, cant wait to do the next level. Highly recommended.

Johnny Stunts BSR Stunt performer

Amazing course – the foundations it provides and the time we get to handle the weapon systems and the Hugh wealth of knowledge these guys provide is phenomenal. Best course I’ve trained with by far. Basics done well.

John Street BSR Stunt coordinator

I would highly recommend and sanction the Exsilium courses. Just because people have qualified as a Stunt Performer, it is sometimes assumed that they would know how to handle Firearms and in some occasions this is not right. Although I refer to this as a basic firearms course, the basics are fundamentally the most important part of any weapons training. Which is why when the basic training is complete the moves look so slick. Even if you have had plenty of time around firearms you would still benefit from learning new skills or brush up on your old ones. Like all skills, weapon handling skills are perishable and need to be used. As well as the weapon training there is some basic patrolling, the use of hand signals and basic fire and manoeuvre, attacking and withdrawing are also covered and clearing doorways is also touched on in this course. This and other tactics would be retained for further courses which are more advanced. The Instructors on this course are the people who teach tier one operators. You really can’t get higher qualified guys with this much experience. This is thanks to Exsilium and their resources. To hire or get training time with these guys outside this course would either cost you a fortune or just would not happen. I have heard about other courses out there that are teaching very advanced stuff on the first day. Like car drills with weapons, room combat and abseiling etc. As referred to earlier; In my opinion: Teaching someone this when they have only just got the limited knowledge around weapons handling and safety is a waste of time and dangerous. Members who attend this course need to understand that attending and doing it does not make you an expert and you need to continue to practice and hone them when you go away in your own time. I highly recommend this course, for people with zero experience to Ex Military personnel alike, because tactics and skills change all the time. This course will give you everything that is current and up to date now! The trainers, location and content is excellent and first class. The instructors understand that they are not teaching Military standard but are delivering performance for camera. As this course stands now, I would give it my full recommendation approval from both the Ex Military and Stunt Coordinator perspective.

Paul Herbert BSR Stunt Co ordinator

If you do not have a military background or experience with firearms this is an essential course you should attend. In addition these courses are an excellent way of updating and refreshing your weapon skills, whether you are a stunt performer or stunt coordinator.
Great emphasis is put on safety and your personal performance with firearms.

Steve Lewington; stunt experienced professional actor

Authenticity. Believability. As a professional actor with a niche skill-set in screen action, I’m constantly seeking ways to achieve the aforementioned qualities and apply them to all aspects of my craft. How can I stand out in such a hyper-competitive industry? Where can I go and who can I learn from to give me the edge? Having received previous firearms training from both UK and overseas course providers, Exsilium stands head and shoulders above it’s peers for one simple reason; Performance is everything. Having completed the Firearms Safety and Handling course (Level 1), I now have a far greater understanding and appreciation of what is expected of me – my responsibilities as a performer – to authentically and believably deliver on-screen action whilst ensuring that fundamental safe and correct firearms handling procedures are met at all times, both on and off-screen. A near-perfect blend of theory and practical hands-on running and gunning backed up by course instructors with edge-of-the-knife combat experience and real-world tactics. Bring on level 2!

Ryan Stuart BSR Stunt performer

This is a great course, It covers a lot in a short time, handling different weapons, how to move with a firearm, how to move as a group, firearm safety etc. But all done in an enjoyable environment and not too much that it becomes overwhelming. I highly recommend it to anyone who may be handed a firearm on a film set.

David G Brown BSR Stunt performer

I’ve done a few firearms workshops with different teams but training the team at Exsilium was fantastic, incredibly in depth and really targeted and aimed at being a great performer for TV and Film. Alongside the practical skills, you get all the knowledge you need to safety handle and use firearms in a professional manner. The time spent on drills was perfect to fully familiarise yourself with the weapons in handling them confidently and safely whilst looking professional. I’ve done a couple of the courses with the team and each time brings new knowledge and experience from their expertise. I was also lucky enough to get the opportunity to work alongside the team at Exsilium for a new promotional video. I was blown away by the eye for detail and the different strategies implemented. It was a fantastic opportunity where I was able to work alongside the pros and still learn and develop my own skills.

Jessica Hooker BSR Senior Stunt performer

A highly enjoyable and incredibly useful course for gaining confidence when handling weapons on set. The course puts a lot of emphasis on safety whilst still managing to give you plenty of hands on time with the weapons. By the end of the two days, I felt my knowledge and performance had both vastly improved. The Instructors are by fair the best in their field and clearly are very passionate about passing on their knowledge. I am excited to come back and attend another course in the near future.

Kenny Knight BSR Stunt performer

FaST Level 1 course was enjoyable and well-taught, with effective repetition and consistency. The instructors fostered independent learning with close monitoring and swift assistance. I feel more confident when handling firearms on set and can use them seamlessly, convincingly and safely.

Stefan Mosef BSR Stunt performer

I highly recommend Exsiliums Firearms Safety courses, Not only do you learn how to use/handle the weapons safely but you learn the fundamentals and what is important when you handle a weapon in front of camera and around other performers. I’ve done jobs employing weapons with minimal training, after doing the courses I have realised how many mistakes I’ve made previously as I didn’t have the knowledge. You are learning from great instructors that have years of real combat experience but also they have years of experience in front of the cameras as a performer so you get the experience to perform and employ real world tactics in a theatrical role, which in my opinion is the best way to improve and be credible. 100% recommend Exsilium.

Alex Jerron BSR Stunt performer

I really enjoyed the last two days and learnt a lot. The BSR are lucky to have you guys running the course. I know it may not mean much coming from me, I am the examiner for the BSR Gymnastics test, I have coached gymnastics at a high level around the world and for Cirque, I have also been fortunate to have been coached by some of the best in my profession. Yourself and all the instructors were absolutely on point and did an amazing job with very clear instructions. It was a great atmosphere throughout and honestly didn’t have any negative points. Definitely think being able to provide food would be a great option to have. Other than that I just can’t wait for the continuation courses.

Don Louis Stunt BSR Performer

One of the best film based firearm training courses in the UK. Combining both current military knowledge and tactics, as well as film specific skills. The level 1 course is suitable for someone with no firearms knowledge. The level 2 course starts going into a lot more detail. Not to mention it is a fun 2 days out in nature.

Paul Ginns BSR Stunt performer

Highly recommend this course from the safety etiquette on set and understanding why and how to handle Firearms in a combat situation. All instructors did an amazing job and every person attending got plenty of time with each instructor. A no brainier for firearms safety and performance in front of camera.

Sarah_ohal BSR Stunt performer

Great course, so intensive we covered so much more than I expected. Incredibly valuable and thorough. A really fun couple of days which left me feeling so much more confident with weapon handling, style and above all being safe. Great training and can’t wait for the next level.

Christhestuntman BSR Stunt performer

Highly rate this course! A great couple of days led by excellent instructors teaching content that is perfect for anyone working in or around firearms. Looking forward to the next level.

Stuntmanbsr - BSR Stunt Performer

This course is the absolute definitive course for firearms safety and practicality not only for film set. Each course teaches and builds upon brilliant fundamental knowledge. I’ve spent 10+ years as a stunt performer and feel absolutely safer around firearms for me personally, safer with those around me that have done these courses. I believe it’s an absolute must have for anyone looking to become a stunt performer. Safety is key and the team deliver brilliant content. Do not pass up the chance to learn from the Best!!

Dale whites Stunt BSR stunt

Unbelievable course, led by a great team that clearly know the stunt industry well and know exactly what is needed and expected, while making it hours of fun. Plenty of time handling weapons and the best equipment around. Roll on the continuation FaST L2.

Abbystuntss BSR Stunt trainee

Such a great course, learning all the fundamentals and building confidence with weapons. Completed two of these highly recommended. By far the best firearms course I’ve done, can’t wait for the continuation courses.

Josh Dyer BSR Stunt performer

Absolute must for any aspiring/professional stunt performer, with the highest possible standard of instruction from serving and ex special forces personnel. The course goes far beyond the basics of safe weapon handling and instead tries to teach a comprehensive competency of firearms and physical performance in order that you can present your on-screen handling in a way that is dynamic and appropriate for the role.

Will DeVille BSR Stunt performer

Having completed both FaST Level 1 and 2, these courses are the most comprehensive, immersive and engaging firearms training available. Keeping safety paramount they are taught by instructors who bring decades of experience and knowledge together with current tactics, providing content to give you the skills the be the best on screen performer possible. All of this comes together in an amazing venue, making the whole experience unforgettable.

Kirk Zammit BSR Stunt performer

Highly recommend firearms training with Exilium! Highest level of instruction on firearms Safety, Movement & Drills. The course covers a great selection of weapons to get familiar with. This course, in my opinion, is a must for those performing in the stunt industry (especially if not from a military background). Working with this Elite team of Instructors and there fair, straight forward critic’s and clear examples of do’s/dont’s for firearm safety, solo/team drills and Weak/Strong movement & posture for performance, has given me the confidence to be a confident performer on set with a firearm. The location is fantastic! Great couple of days, and I can’t wait for the next one. It’s the truth mate. Really great course you’ve put together. Every day spent with you and your team I’ve learnt and grown in confidence handling and moving with weapons. Looking forward to seeing the final product from all the filming out there to promote you and the other teams involved. Going to be epic!

Ellie stewart- Croker stunt trainee

After attending two Exsilium Firearms courses, I would strongly recommend these to anyone looking to pursue a career in stunts. The highly qualified team at Exsilium will provide the fundamentals of firearms training to the highest of standards, with health and safety throughout. The balance of theory and practical allowed drills to be understood and completed efficiently whilst simulating the requirements necessary for working on a set. The biggest take away was the understanding of all the skills, drills and movements to allow me to develop and practise in my own time. I look forward to completing more courses with Exsilium soon!

Daz Parker BSR Senior Stunt performer

The BSR FAST level 1 course was a great introduction to weapon handling. It is a fun, educational course that teaches comprehensive safety and basic handling of multi use weapons. I liked most of all the teaching standard that was Conducted with enthusiasm, professional knowledge and leadership. The changes of weapons used and the saftey drills that go with those weapons were invaluable. When on set this is advantageous, as the armourer will assess your competence straight away. This particular course was my third, and I came away with lots more experience and knowledge. I’m very excited to return and do the 2nd phase.

Sarah Lochlan BSR senior performer

As BSR performers we are so lucky to have access to a course like this. The instructors are knowledgeable, patient and calm and deliver the course with focus and dedication. You can’t help but be inspired to be the best you can be with instructors of this level. You are given a selection of different firearms to work with. The location really helps to provide plenty of training areas to work on the different drills and scenarios. The emphasis is on safety and moving well with a weapon on a film set. There is nothing available like this out there and I look forward to furthering my training with Exsilium.

Alex Jerron BSR Stunt Performer

I have gone onto the Exsilium courses with no prior background in firearms or military training. There is a large part of the stunt industry which utilizes firearms and military tactics. Being a stunt performer and having a fundamental knowledge of these skills is hugely beneficial. This is especially apparent when it comes to safety. The combined experience of the instructors is nothing short of incredible and was a privilege to be taught by them. The attention to detail throughout the courses was impressive and has enabled me to utilize these skills as a stunt performer. The initial two day course was an in depth approach, geared towards the fundamentals on weapons handling, movement with weapons, tactical maneuver drills, and most importantly safety. The instructors put this all together in a realistic scenario where you get to put all of your training to the test. I have to say this is where I learnt the most under pressure, it puts everything into perspective and gives you a good indication on where you are with the training. The courses proved to be invaluable as I am now going onto set with a good understanding on what would be expected of me within the industry. How to operate weapons safely, knowledge on different weapons, military tactics, breaching buildings, room clearances, close protection drills, firing from and exiting vehicles etc… On my first job I was placed into a compromising situation on set, using practical blank firing weapons in close quarters. I found myself in a position where it was not safe to fire my weapon. Had I fired the weapon it could have resulted in seriously injuring a colleague and would have raised safety concerns as me as a stunt performer. I only have the training from Exsilium to thank for this. The continuation course was an absolute riot, and a privilege to be a part of. The course was full on, and practical throughout. Finishing with a live fire exercise, which was intense and once again put everything into perspective. It gives you a real appreciation on how important this type of training is, especially when under pressure. I highly recommend these courses, Exsilium has exclusive locations perfectly suited for these courses and not forgetting some of the most highly trained instructors. I am looking forward to continuing my training with Exsilium.

Al Holland BSR Senior Stunt performer

I am a member of the British Stunt Register of over 10 years and have been working in the film industry for almost 15. I have a deep knowledge of and interest in firearms and firearms use and have attended various training courses around the world run by military, law enforcement and civilian instructors, from a range of armed services and backgrounds. In 2023 I attended the Introductory and continuation levels of the British Stunt Register affiliated ‘FireArms Safety and Tactics’ Course arranged and run by the team at Exsilium. Off the bat it is clear that the introductory course is exactly that. Designed from the ground up for civilians working in the film industry who have minimal to no knowledge of firearms, this makes it very accessible for everyone. The fundamental aspects of firearms anatomy, operation, safety, ballistics and tactics are taught on day one so that everyone is on the same page and has a solid base to build from. There is sometimes a bit of jargon used, but all of the pertinent terminology is explained fully. There is an abundance of information provided surrounding how firearms work and how to operate them, but the emphasis is always squarely on what the attendees need to know for the job they are doing. Rarely getting bogged down in the weeds of excess detail and extraneous information, the course sticks to its core focus, how to be safe with firearms and how to use them confidently. These aspects are revisited and reinforced regularly throughout the training. The continuation course ups the stakes. Everything you learned previously must be retained so it can be implemented situationally. Where the first course leads you in gently, the continuation requires you to hit the ground running. As someone familiar with firearms I found the first course reasonably well within my comfort zone. But it was in the continuation course where I really grew because my weaknesses were quickly exposed to me and I was required to overcome them which is what made it so valuable. All the instructors are likeable and approachable and I found their calm, measured demeanour comes over very well. Their instruction is clear and are precise communicators who make everyone fully aware about what the course will entail, what is to be expected from it and what is expected of them. The training environment is relaxed enough that you can learn at your own pace and ask questions but also strict enough that time is not wasted. The Exsilum team have put together a fun and informative training product that is challenging enough to be engaging but also accessible enough to facilitate learning. Speaking with other attendees, it is clear that their confidence with firearms has increased as a result of this training. Exsilum have created a course that gives everyone who attends exactly what they need.